Repair Skilling Run Wednesday August 14, 2019 17:00 MA time

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    I am going to pilot a repair skilling run on Wednesday August 14th, leaving the Monria Space Station at 17:00 MA time and ending about 3 to 3 1/2 hours later. To see MA time, while ingame open your system tab and press "U".

    All are welcome to join in this skilling run, but you will need to be on the Yamato guest list - if you are not on the list, follow the instructions in this thread. This run is free, even if you are normally a paying customer for warp flights, as there will be no warps involved.

    You will need a full Vehicle RK-5 tool and at least 51K of welding wire.

    Skilling vehicle repairing helps with all construction professions, and you unlock the skill Blueprint Comprehension when your Vehicle Structural Engineering profession (the main profession involved in repair skilling) reaches level 10. Also, having as many people as possible familiar with the Yamato and repairing makes us more efficient in repelling the occasional pirate attack.

    Also, please read the Monria Repair Skilling General Guidelines to familiarize yourself with protocol.

    Hope you can join us! :)
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