September Inventory and Green Fashion

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    Melee Swords
    (3) Mako Fal-1 (L) (dps 7.7, level 0, eff 55.2) - great for skilling and finishing - 18.07 ea
    (2) Samm Twin Edge (L) (dps 30.5, level 13, eff 57.0): 42.09 ea
    (3) ArMatrix LB-10 (L) (dps 29, level 10, eff 62.4) - this also uses ammo - 30.12 ea
    (3) ArMatrix LB-15 (L) (dps 33.5, level 15, eff 62.8) - uses ammo as well - 41.35 ea

    Melee Whips
    (2) Dominax Original Garter (L) - 10.07 ea

    Melee Powerfist
    (1) Monria Boxing Gloves 18 oz (dps 7.2, level 2) - 35.82

    March may be several months away, but it is never too early to think green. I will begin showing green outfits on the opposite side from the existing shopkeeper via mannequins starting 9/14. If you have an interest in any of them let me know. I will be changing them out and unless sold, prior outfits will still be available. If not on Monria, I am always happy to come home.
    Of course I can do other colors and outfits too (I texture and color but am still fairly low level but work closely with more skilled players should you need them). I can craft many different clothing items so let me know if you are looking for something.
    More hairstyles unlocked and can color hair.
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    Dark Moon
    Nice one Alya ... looking forward to seeing what you'll have, and I agree ... never to early to think green. :p

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