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DME, I wish I had gotten in on the chat about new ideas for Monria pets.

Shoggoths are the weakest of the mobs, but still I might have an idea of a useful and unique skill for them. I like the idea that our pets should be unique.

New players often sweat Shoggoths for extra PED and skills, thus I think a Shoggoth pet should have a sweating related buff.

The question is what kind of Buff

The skill Sweatgather used to determine how much sweat one collected, but this was nurffed for game balance issues.

I believe the Concentration skill affects the chance to initiate a successful sweat attempt, but you may have to check with MA to determine this for sure.

A buff to Concentration would help a player to initiate a successful sweat attempt more often. Also this would not interfere with or duplicate the Mind Force skill that allows you to ignore a hit to maintain concentration during a sweat attempt.

Concentration also affects Mind Force professions, but only slightly, so it would not replace any pets that give buffs to mind force attacks


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I support this, esp. also with the buff idea. It goes along nicely with the backstory of this particular creature. Alternatively, a boost of the psyche attribute, possibly in a rare version, would be something new. As for it being primarily for sweaters, proponents might like to review the economy of nutrio consumption vs. possible gains, though.

At the same time I am skeptical about other proposals that want a pet out of every mob there is, but ofc people have their own preferences and ideas. I think the weaker creatures are more suitable than the stronger ones as a general rule, with exceptions only for very rare or unique ones (along the lines of Oratan Axe e.g. for those who ask for Cultist and Shub pets).
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I really like what you are proposing here. A pet that can buff up some of your sweating skills is an interesting concept. I like the idea of a concentration buff, although this is due to me being a mindforce user. Another idea could be that it could grant them a small synchronization percent with the rarer one granting a larger percent. Synchronization is cheap anyways and a small percent doesn't affect gameplay balance any. A lot of people, myself included, give out free healing and syncs when we pass by sweaters as it is. A concentration buff, depending on its level, could potentially be abused by mindforce users depending on how it is implemented but, to my knowledge, synchronization only really helps you when sweating. It has never helped me on any other abilities when I was hit. Or use both ideas with the common granting one buff and the rare granting the other.
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