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Discussion in 'Twitch Streams' started by DarkMoonEnigma, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Anhithe Added the Streams Module to the Forum

    Anhithe had posted in one of the streamer's threads that he had added the Streams module to the forum, and I thought I would make a formal thread to let everyone know a few things:
    • the Streams link is at the top left of the forum between Wiki and Members
    • people can submit a channel to be added and Anhithe or I will review for approval
    • please note: only Entropia Universe streams will show - no other games
    • an indicator will show up on the Streams link as to how many streams are currently live
    Twitch Streams Sub-Section
    • if you have an approved stream, please create your own Twitch thread here
    • please follow the same format that @toecutter and @Angel Of Shadows did
    • this way, you'll have your own location at the forum for people to interact with you
    If you have any questions, let us know.

    Happy Streaming :)

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