Thank god for monria!

Discussion in 'General Monria Discussions' started by Tataio Spitfire misho, Dec 24, 2017.

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    Hi all, i am person thats not to much of christmas.

    So i often keep for myself at home at christmas, felt a Little down about it today.
    I have been away from Monria for some time to do some mission improving my evade skill. i just got back 15 min ago. when i landed, i forgot i had the Music on "often turns it off". and i Heard a christmas song, thats the first i hear when i teleported to monria. its was about a mouse that was allowed to ride at the santas slade at christamas night. i am not kidding now, for some reason i felt that it was christmas and my mod got a boost. And i keept on listning to songs, jinglebell rock and those other old great songs about christmas, when got a glad tear in my Eye, i must say. Monria is a hell of a planet!!!

    Thank you all that work with monria for a great year, and the one/those that chose the songs. Hope u really have great time and hope that you all get some good present's. becuse i got my good present when i landed :')

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    Thank you Tataio ... your post was very nice. It was Ant that set up the Christmas music on the Monria music stream. I'm glad it boosted your mood. I very much love Christmas, but I haven't celebrated it the way I used to in a long while. I'm hoping that one day that will change. In the meantime, my mood is just fine and I'm enjoying myself.

    I probably won't be in the game until sometime on Tuesday, but will be checking the forum in case something needs my attention, like new people needing their posts moderated so they show up. That's how it works for the first 5 or 6 posts.

    Happy Holidays to you Tataio. :)

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