The Dunwich Horror visits the Shoggs.


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Well it seems like Dunwich Horror got lonely in DSEC Mining Camp by himself, and decided to go visit the Shoggs in DSEC Forensics maybe in hopes of a few hugs from the Shoggs. :needahug

Entropia 2020-07-26 22.33.02.jpg

One is giving him a hug... The others seem to be plotting something...

Entropia 2020-07-26 22.34.22.jpg

They are trying hard to give him hugs.


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Awesome Shadow ... love the photos ... and it's a complete mystery how Dunwich got to DSEC Forensics because I had a chat with Ant and he didn't do it ... MA is on vacation and they didn't do it, but also ...

Dunwich had to at some point be (spawn) in the DSEC Mining Camp because wherever he does, the surrounding Yogs are removed making it easier to take the Dunwich down ... the Yogs are still not there while he's visiting the Shoggs at DSEC Forensics, LOL.

I had a crazy thought that maybe he got past the turrets and got into the insta-teleporter at the Mining Camp, or someone was able to lead him there ... but then not sure him going through the insta-teleporter is even possible, so ...

This is an "Expect the Unexpected" occurrence, and a total "weird" mystery ... Ant says it's odd too, but ... that Dunwich needs to be taken down and start the mob kill count cycle over so we can watch to see if this happens again.

These kinds of things make you think of crazy stuff. :p
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