Tp from Calypso to Monria

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sikokun Elzarek Sikokun, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Hi, if exist tp from Monria to Calypso why not vice verca? May be from Club sweat? Not evrybody has time to weit for Yamato or JBK ship. And rule now was little bit change. On way between Monria and Caly are very often engaged with pirates.
    This is one of reason, why lot people think hard, if visited Monria or not.
    And after finishing shoggot plusie mission give it little bit cheaper fo 2p may be. Way with quad there and back is around 2p, and no evrybody will have ship
    Best regard
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    Thanks for your suggestion Elza ... the main reason there isn't a TP from Calypso to Monria is because it would interfere with space travel and those providing warp services. Also, Monria is unique in that we provide a free travel benefit for our Monrian Born so they can move about the universe easier. There is also no fee at our Monria SS.

    Some think Monria is a moon of Calypso, but we are not, and that question was answered by MindArk when Monria was first launched in Nov 2013 in their FAQs. We are on the Calypso server, but not connected to Calypso otherwise, except for our new Monrian Born having to go through the beginner training at Thule because as a moon, we do not have our own beginner training like the planets do.

    I hope this was helpful. :)
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