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    Twitch Stream | Razizeh

    Hi all,
    I am Razizeh, a cute female streamer, and I stream Entropia Universe almost every day since December 2017.
    I am trying to help new players, teach them and explain stuff about EU.
    I am doing a lot of giveaways, mainly for new players.
    I also support and promote events in my streams. If you ever need your event to be supported by me feel free to contact me. I can also make videos for your event etc.

    My stream is with professional layouts and a chat bot, with cool music, voice and cam. Sometimes I talk with friends on Discord too during my streams.
    You can earn points for watching my stream and redeem them for various prizes.
    You can also earn Refereum points for watching my stream and get paid games for free - register to Refereum here.

    I always post when I start streaming on social media - follow me not to miss anything:

    You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel. I always post highlights from my streams there.

    See you all at my stream and don't forget to follow me on Twitch!
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