We are losing the sky!


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Today, hitting my head on the sharp corner of space, I was visited by an idea:security
...The sky marshal, the overall commander of the military, is required to start at the bottom rank in both the Army and the Navy and work his way up to a major command in both services to even be considered....(old book on my desk)
We are losing the sky!

army. Legions of Arcadia going to the oratans, elite guards ARS, militant police of the Roktropy.
But where is the navy? Where to go hungry for space?
Do not you think that a free port could be an excellent base for the navy?

Oh no I'm not asking for a million and a mother ship for everyone)
1)A difficult multi-day quest, to obtain citizenship and the right to become a recruit.
(Yes, let the strangers get this wonderful T-shirt in a different color.) They are very upset to learn that the only way to get it is to start the game anew)
It is possible that the new recruits will be taken from the space station (and the port of the planet Arcadia). One free teleport per year will not bring down the economy. It will be logical. "Shit, do you want to see the galaxy? Space Navy's waiting for you."

2)A set of small missions with the possibility of getting a Sleipnir.(He might look a little different? Or be repaired in a special hangar on Monria)
This will be the only similar quest in the galaxy that will ensure its popularity.
3)A complex multi-day mission set. Allowing at the end to exchange [Quad-Wing Interceptor (L)] (5 levels of pumping) on the same but in a different color (the silver emblem of Monria would great lay on black Quad-Wing)
or something similar. I think many would like to customize the fighter
4) In one dusty book wrote - the marshal can be a man who has achieved success in the army and navy.
We are friends with Arcadia. And whether a person has achieved success in the army is easily verified by the presence of a ship and a personal card. I do not know how difficult this quest should be. I do not know the reward worthy of the star marshal. (Privatir new class I think will suit:D:laugh)

Agree how it would be cool to make the moon gateway to the stars.
Not forgetting about their interests, of course.
Dry residue.
A multi-day regular quest, in many professions. Will make the characters spend more time on the moon.
The exchange of quad / blind to customized considering the "number of stars of protection" - stimulates hunting in space
A new interesting chain of tasks will attract users.
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Wow Dart ... thank you for taking the time to post that ... when I have the chance, I'm going to take some time to read that over and do some digesting of exactly what it is that you're proposing. Ant is going to be occupied IRL until the 30th, but I'm sure that when he is available again, he'll have a look at this as well.

Thank you. :)


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I'm not sure about the accuracy of the translation.
But I'll try to guess how such an epic mission might look like.

Obtaining citizenship (small difficulty quest for attachment to the planet) to perform the first stages of hunting missions, to scrape 20k things to Monria, to put 100 climes and so on.
"The fleet is the home of strong people." - win five boxing matches in the ring
"The navy is a place for intelligent people" - the level of intellect is not lower than N points
"The fleet is looking for engineers" - to fulfill the craft mission
Bonus - the opportunity to get special model Sleipnir (do not hesitate to ask for the exchange cost of x3 on the Ciren it works:laugh)
"Space Navy welcomes you. Son, you did not forget to pay the insurance to pay for the sending of the corpse to your homeland?"

I can not guess the way to get naval ranks, because I do not know how much you can interact with MA when creating your own line. But I believe MA is interested in raising interest in space hunting

***It seems to me I corrected the wrong post (oops. Pardon me
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