What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

Zarnia Foxtrot

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What floats my boat musically?..well, my musical interests are usually soft rock mostly but i like a mix of genres..since my real life has alot of unexpected surprises, there are some songs I like to help take away the feeling of stress..so with that in mind..I would say for today Kenny G's "Songbird" ..but other days something more upbeat..ill post another one of those down the road but for today, here it is


Zarnia Foxtrot

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Hello again. I wrote what I was listening to last time I was in this thread which probably is too slow for most people on here..it was Kenny G's Instrumental of "Songbird". That is a melody I listen to when I am very stressed which is not the case today. So, to keep my promise of posting another song I am listening to now, it would be from Avalon...called "Testify to Love"..Hope some of you enjoy it..:clap



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Im really feeling this one now :)

It was cool that they did this in San Francisco because many streets are not flat, it was the perfect city. I love San Francisco, it's one of the most unique cities I've ever visited, Key West being another.

From Declans sessions, songs from a van!

This is a very personal song, and rather haunting.
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