Yamato Repair Runs Friday and Sunday 22:30-02:30

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    Hello everyone. I will be doing the Friday and Sunday repair runs at 22:30 until 02:30 game time, 30 minutes after our warp flights. If the warp run has a delay, the run will start a little later, but is scheduled to always start 30 minutes after the warp run. If there is a field trip weekend or a major event that lasts the weekend, the Friday repair run will be cancelled and will only have a Sunday repair run after warp run, unless the travel schedule is moved to Monday due to a weekend-long event.

    If you are not on the Yamato guest list, you can sign up here to be added.
    Be sure to follow the instructions in the first post when adding your information.

    Bring your own RK-5s/RK-20s and Welding Wire so that you are prepared for several hours or longer. You will need 50k welding wire for each RK-5 unit and 100k welding wire per RK-20 unit. It is a good idea to have 2 units with you before the run so you can repair without worrying about exhausting the tool or not having enough wire and have no replacement for the entire run (1.5 units and 75k welding wire should still be enough to finish the run).

    Please refer to the Yamato Repair Skilling Guidelines to familiarize yourself with protocol and procedure.

    Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the chat banter in the Yamato chat channel. Thank you very much.

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