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Discussion in 'AMA - (Ask Me Anything)' started by DarkMoonEnigma, Dec 23, 2015.

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    I managed to have a lengthy chat with Anhithe for some good old Moon discussion. As he mentioned in his Newton's Third Law - Progress Update 2, I keep him informed, especially when he's busy and away for a while, so it was a very productive conversation that led to an interesting request.

    In the course of that conversation, he mentioned to me that he's fairly ok with being transparent, and asked me to set up a new sub-section in his Monria Moon Manager Notes area called AMA (Ask Me Anything), with two conditions:

    • some things he won't answer
    • some things he can't answer
    So, members of the Monria community now have an opportunity to ask Anhithe their burning questions. Just keep in mind that he is not at the forum every day, and he will respond the first chance he gets.

    Please start a new thread with your specific topic, unless someone has already started a thread with the same topic, and a discussion is already in progress.
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