Azra's suggestions (textures/spawns/additions)

Azra Azazel Astarte

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list of my suggestions:
  1. textures
  2. low maturity-only spawns
  3. "haunted" forest
  4. monria-themed clothes blueprint
  5. "cthulhu demands a sacrifice" mission
1&2 are more important, while 3&4 are wild suggestions, which may or may not make a big change, and 5 is a purelly personal taste of one of the things that i'd like to see in the game

1) first of all, textures. monria already has some decent-looking skins from mobs as loot. would be great to add a way to turn them into textures for texturing clothes/vehicles/etc. they look good, so imo the demand would be high

2) let's face it. most newbies want to hunt the lowest maturity possible to progress the missions. already done for yogs, but "fresh" monrianborn hunt only shoggoths and try to spend as little as possible, so they cherrypick shapeshifters (10hp). would be good to help them progress the missions faster by making a pure spawn of them, thus avoiding time lost on cherrypicking. cultists and shubs low maturity spawns would be nice aswell, but not as important for helping newer players.
sidenote: doesn't have to be an area in the map, could also be an instance that you access from a npc/object

3) several ppl try harvesting wood for skilling geology instead of mining, early on. why not make an area with no mobs and lots of trees for them? thinking it would be a popular area for woodcutting/fruitwalking.

4) if creating textures is not possible, why not make some pre-textured clothes using blueprints? could have monria logo (optional, but still a suggestion) and combination of yog/shoggoth/shub skins, which could also be the materials to craft it. I bet lots of ppl will wear them proudly! :D

5) quite wild idea: make a cultist npc that asks you to offer him a sacrifice. sacrificing your pets is one way of doing so. by turning in XX amount of [Animal Essence] , you get back a different item of same or lower tt value. i think this mission needs some discussing as for tt value of animal essence, item reward and so on..

Let me know in the comments if you like my ideas!


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I harvest trees a lot, but Monria does not really have the room for a tree harvesting area. Also not sure how trees would fit in the moon environment.

I have been playing for about 2 years, and still hunt Shoggoths, I love my shogg's. I think a area for sweating shogg's is already in the works.

All in favor of more textures, and I still wear my Mornia shirt a lot.

I do like the "cthulhu demands a sacrifice" mission idea :)

Leshrac KAINE Necros

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They're all pretty good ideas and each one has been brought up a few times in previous posts over the past few months. However, it shows that you've found an area with some like-minded individuals. :)
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