Depositing glitch

Zarnia Foxtrot

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I wrote several tickets to support over the last couple of months about it but I have had no answer or change with the problem. I wonder if anyone else has been having the same problem. So here it is:

I sign on to and click on "deposit". Then I click on credit/debit card for Visa or Mastercard to make a deposit in game to EU. I have used the same cards on file for some time..just two of them on file. I go thru the process and it will say " deposit is declined". Several months ago, I would think I just make a mistake somewhere in the process and do it a second time and the second time, the process was done it would get a "deposit confirmed". Now here is the tricky problem. BOTH transactions clear my checking account with either response. However, if I just do the first "declined" and not do the second "confirmed", the first transaction will not process through to EU though it has been deducted from my account and "declined". I have do both for the EU end to get the funds in game even though both are deducted from my account instantly.

So, has anyone else been on this "double dipping" using their credit/debit cards as a deposit payment method?.. And has EU resolved the problem for you yet if you have had this problem?

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