For hunting events, please keep this in mind for yourselves...

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Hi. I love to hunt in the Monria hunting events and over time, I seem to be really good at doing what can mess me up in getting the best results lol. For those who enjoy the Monria ( or who do other hunting events) events, once you start hunting the mob of a particular event, if you switch to another mob and come back to hunt the event mob, you may actually be shooting yourself in the foot. I have no idea how the MA techs set up the events with increased spawns on Monria but in the case of the last event on Monria which involved hunting yogs for 12 hours, I needed to take a break after 4 hours of continuous hunting of the yogs and decided to do some mining but I hit come cultists along the way and had to kill a few. I did notice that with the first 2 I killed, the game seems to "reset" for lack of a better took longer for the mobs to drop their loot and the game had to "think" about it and after about 5 seconds longer than the usual amount of time to drop loo, they dropped their loot. It was around lunch time so I signed off and had lunch and came back into the game about 2 hours later to continue the event in hunting yogs. For the rest of the event, I got no more globals at all while I kept seeing others continue to get more globals. I was glad to get 5 globals before I took a break but if I didn't switch off to mine and kill a few cultists and take a break, I would have gotten more globals.

So, please keep this information in mind when you start an event. My guess would be that the events are set up to do some kind of tally of what each player is doing from the time they start the event and it starts over if you "take leave" from the event. I haven't really ever seen it posted anywhere in EU that this is what happens but it has happened to me and hopefully, I can save some of you from the loss it can do to you with the advance warning.

On the flip side, if the MA techs read this post, is it possible to set up events to allow a player to take a break and come back to an event without being penalized ( resetting to where they are starting over in the event when they really haven't left the event but just took a break but switch off to hunt another mob besides the event mob). I know some events have a sign up but most Monria events are just "show up" which makes it more fun and relaxed because there is an option of showing up late and still being able to the event if you didn't know about it or if you didn't know til the last minute if you could do the event (with RL involvement affecting what ppl can do in EU alot).

Well, that is my food for thought for those who would like to
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