I have bought my first self sweated Arkadia underground deed

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Tataio Spitfire misho, Jul 22, 2018.

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    Hey all, this is a video about my thougts about taking the time to sweat my way to my first Arkadia underground deed.

    But i gonna write some thougts in this thread to.

    I have been sweating now for over a month and it have taking me alot of hours to scarp together 60 k sweat. i mean alot of hours, i woulden't be a joke, if i said 150 hours or so.

    All of those 150+ hours sweating that of made me 75 ped could been made in the REAL LIFE, in an half hour of work. But i got a bunch of skills sweating. i am nearly att lvl 20 in sweat proffesion :)

    So, was it Worth it?
    Yes it was.

    Becuse this game is about making peds without depositing any Money in. And i have reached that goal that got me a arkadia underground deed without paying any real Money! And i Think thats pretty cool :)

    I have deposit in the game, but this bring journey have brought me back to the Felling ween i started to play this game. in this big universe, were achievement can be done. if you put down the time in the game.

    I really love this game, its the last hardcore MMORPG out there, and i woulden't trade it for anything else.

    Thank you all for watching my Youtube Videos, and subscribing. and following my journey.
    I still gonna keep sweating and doing videos. mayby sometime in the future the videos will be getting better "And my English to".

    Again, Thank you all, and hope u all score an ATH :)


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