Monria | A few community members got their own NPCs with missions!!

Discussion in 'Player Experience | Snapshots' started by DarkMoonEnigma, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Here are the photos I took so far of a few of our Monria community members and their brand new NPC look-a-likes that come complete with a daily hunting mission.

    I'm missing Curd who will be the NPC for the mining missions, and Pinthas who will be the NPC for the new and improved Monria Lost Chapters mission ... after all, he DID write the chapters ... they will both be in the game with the patch and I'll get photos at that time ... I think SachemUrsa who is the NPC at Forensics for the Shoggoth needs a gender change, but I'll get his photo with his NPC too.

    In the meantime ... here is Angel, Wang and Negated ... I just wish the lighting were better ...

    Angel is the NPC for the Shub hunting daily at the Shub Cavern ...

    Entropia 2019-03-14 17-51-26-88.png

    WangXiang is the NPC for the Taming mission and Cultist hunting daily at DSEC Military Camp ... he is also the owner of the Monria Pet Stable ...

    Entropia 2019-03-14 17-56-41-15.png

    Negated is the NPC for the Yog hunting daily at DSEC Mining Camp ...

    Entropia 2019-03-14 18-01-29-60.png

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