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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MoonGal, Apr 9, 2018.

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    hi DME and CO

    i know i am still new to this game, but have a suggestion about the started pack u hand out to new born monrian`s. all in all it is a good pack, but would suggest changing the herman ark out for a tt rifle that uses less ammo. just to clarify why i suggest it. the herman ark has a ammo burn of 240. and damage at 3.8-7.6/5.0-10 its a great gun but not for a noob who just got off the plane. i found the tt weapons has ammo burn of 166 and does roughly 3.5-7 damage which is more than enough as a starter rifle.

    hope it helps
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    Your ammo may last a bit longer with the TT gun but its procurement does not benefit the Monrian economy like the ARK-0. The ARK-0 requires no skill to operate so is suitable for a new user and more damage means you live longer against most enemies.
    It can ideally be supplemented by a very small finisher for a new player that does 1-2 damage to train good hunting habits but I do not know of such a small gun or blade that is readily available.

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