Monria VU 1.1 - Round 2.....

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    As a follow up to last weeks release we now have the following additions and changes to Monria:

    New Boxing Gloves

    There are new boxing gloves to be discovered with a higher damage per second. This should give us more variety in our boxing competitions and allow us to introduce 'weight divisions'.

    Event Area

    An event area has been introduced for the boxing ring to allow us to run events through the Event Manager in West Crater

    Leprechaun grows in stature

    The greedy leprechauns have been eating us out of Nutrio bars and have grown slightly.

    • Sound issues with gloves resolved
    • Models and textures for boxing gloves updated
    • Boxing gloves can now be sold on the auction house
    • Queue use action while reloading now works with boxing gloves
    Known issues

    The following issues didn't make it to this patch and will be in a future one:
    • Lighting on Monria is still too bright
    • The names of the gloves need updating so that they are clearer
    • Boxing ring texture still has not been applied

    If you find any bugs with this release please post them here: Bugs, Issues, Glitches
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    Entire Entropia Universe patch notes * see Monria :)
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