Ninja Wizard Body Guard | I Think He Means Business

Discussion in 'Player Experience | Snapshots' started by DarkMoonEnigma, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Dark Moon
    I was showing off my newly discovered Monria evening wear when my loving Ninja Wizard decided he needed to up his wardrobe and look more body guard-ish ... here is the result.

    Definitely looks like an Executioner ... so heads up. :eek:

    Entropia 2016-11-14 21-25-40-44.jpg

    Everything was just fine, until he tried this number,
    making him look like the newest member of Daft Punk. :rolleyes

    Entropia 2016-11-14 21-39-30-75.jpg
    He's my neighbor, so if you come to visit me at my penthouse, just be careful ... it's all bizarre.

    And speaking of bizarre, Obie's House of Bizarre is closed now, but we never know what he'll be up to next, or when, but I have a sneaky suspicion I know what the next theme will be. :D

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