Programming problem with my avatar with auto-use function

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Hi all. I have been in my lull time from EU due to its being the cold winter season in my area (Pennsylvania is in the Northwestern United States for those not in the USA). However, I do try to be on every couple of days.

And, there has been an ongoing problem with my avatar since the second week of January. Here's the story:

I honestly don't know what happened. I was mining on FOMA and found a claim. I went to the claim like I have normally done, clicked on it so the blue arrow above it was present and indicating that my avatar was locked on and had targeted the mining claim marker so I could begin mining up the ore. Then the problem happened. Even with the blue arrow above it, it would not extractor the ore. I contacted customer service.My husband suggested that I mine in the first person view which was how I managed to finally extract the ore.

Now, here is the continuing problem. After this happened, my auto-targeting function using the blue arrow with hunting mobs was gone as well. . I would click on the mob, see the blue arrow over it and after that, nothing was "automatic" anymore. After the blue arrow would appear, I had to do anything with the mob manually and in the first person view. If I got a mob and it was a "dancer", I would have to use the "C" key or arrows to turn with the mob and manually shoot it. There was no "locked on to the mob target" function operating then or now. When I mine, I now have to do it in the first person.

Additionally, somewhere along the way, my action library lost the OTS function (over the shoulder) that would allow me to toggle between the first and third person view.

I have written 7 tickets to customer service about this problem since it first happened back in January. They said that they can't replicate it so they don't know how to fix it. They want me to send them a video of it but I have explained that I'm not a techie and I don't know how to do videos in game or do live feeds like twitch. I have explained it to them as I have above in this post. So, now over a month later, I still don't have an auto-target function working properly with my avatar.

So, if anyone is having a problem with their auto-targeting that is supposed to follow using the blue arrow above the mob, please let customer service know and send them a video and mention my avatar along with the problem you have. I dont' know if DME or Ant have heard of anyone else having this problem (lol..I seem to get alot of odd problems no one else does in game for some reason). If DME or Ant have any ideas of what the problem is with the auto-targeting function, please pass it along to the tech guys to help resolve this problem. I can't really do any hunting of higher level mobs because my evade skill is high enough to cause me problems there. (aka the higher the evade skill, the more the mobs evade the avatar to keep the game competitive and since I can't lock on to my hunting targets, I get killed more quickly with high level, higher HP mobs and kill them less.)

Thanks for any and all help with this problem.



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Ouch, that is not good at all. If you have a newer NVIDIA graphics card/chip they supply an app (Shadowplay) that can record video with a simple keystroke. I suspect similar features are available for AMD (the old ATI) and Intel graphics cards. These videos are typically huge though so you want to keep it short in order to be able to attach it to a ticket.
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