Shorter Game Reset Time Windows for Mining

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Hi!! I'm posting this as a thought to be seriously considered for all level of mining players. Everyone knows after several days or weeks into the game, the game resets at different times during the day so there is fresh mining finds available for mining/ mining globals. Here's the thought: When you have a lot of excited players, especially a lot of them amping to get bigger finds, the claims to be found drops within 2 hours of a reset. Now, there is a lot of different opinions as to when and how often the game reset happens and MA has their policy not to discuss "game loot". So, with respect to those two points, could the game resets occur within a closer time frame that they are currently?

From my perspective as a mid range level miner (level 26 miner), I do amp but also know and understand the value of not amping..especially for skill gain. It is frustrating to start a mining run, amped or unamped, and find no claims and AFTER doing with the run, discover someone who has higher level skills in mining or who has been amping as been there already. It's an expensive mistake to make and its one every player walks into because there is no way to see it coming. For the new miner, they walk away thinking " there are no claims here on XXX" or "they are lousy at mining" and they often times don't realize that other miners may have been there before them and that is part of their problem.Granted, for indoor mining, losses are more due to the nature of indoor mining and places like Monria get blamed for not being good for mining when its the timing of the miner that is largely at fault.

This would probably be more a technical question than game play question really. How would the MA technical people be able to allow shorter time between reset times and have all players on all levels benefit? If this was possible and done by MA, how could it be implemented to allow younger players to mine those areas with gain that a higher level player mined shortly before hand? This thread is mainly to openly discuss the idea of improving mining for everyone. I know for me, it's a regular frustration to mine an area and know AFTER the fact that someone had already mined the area. So, what could be done about that problem?.. Maybe have the game set up to clue a player in to what areas have been mined more recently than others without being too specific????..Like a color indicator on the radar that is graded to show recently mined, mined within the last hour, last two hours etc...Don't know.. I'm all for brainstorming ideas in this thread but not sure how to answer that specific question though I know it has been asked a lot before in the past by other players besides me.
Also, no way to know if MA or the tech people would even consider any changes suggested on this thread but maybe this thread will help to vent other peoples frustration

So, what are your thoughts?....
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