The Order of the Elder Gods | 4 Chapters Mission

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    NPC -- Pinthas -- Monria community member avatar name --> Pinthas Schmenke Dorian
    Location -- DSEC Forensics
    Coordinates -- 38145, 21022, 12 -- North end near the TP
    Activity -- loot the 4 chapters as follows in order to receive the reward
    • Chapter 1 -- Shoggoth
    • Chapter 2 -- Yog
    • Chapter 3 -- Cultists
    • Chapter 4 -- Shub
    Additional Information
    • the chapters are a rare drop and it will take you a while to get them
    • the chapters can be looted from all mobs in the craters and in the caves and caverns
    • while these chapters can be traded, each player must loot their own for the mission to update
    • the chapters do not have to be turned in when the mission is complete
    • once all 4 chapters have been found, see Pinthas to get your reward
    Reward -- The Horns of Z'agol

    Entropia 2019-06-01 12-39-18-22.png Entropia 2019-06-02 12-23-56-95.png Entropia 2019-06-02 12-24-26-84.png

    History of this Mission
    • this mission was previously called -- DSEC: Monria's Untold Story
    • this mission was originally taken from Jen at the Monria Hub
    • the original reward was a CDF Harness
    • we wanted to upgrade the reward to be more in line with the effort it took to get the 4 chapters
    • we also wanted the reward to be relevant to Monria's storyline and provide a benefit / buff
    • this mission is now called -- "The Order of the Elder Gods"
    • the old mission title has been updated to the new one in your Mission Tracker
    • this mission also begins a new mission chain -- additional missions will be added in future releases
    Current Status of the Horns
    • when released, the horns were not as intended
    • they are currently worn backward and not meant to be worn with face guards or helmets
    • this is being changed to its originally intended use and will be updated in a future patch
    • as mentioned above, this mission is now the beginning of a new mission chain
    • what's in store cannot be disclosed at this time, but we don't think you'll be disappointed
    Here are the screen shots of the initial dialogue:

    Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-19-49.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-23-80.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-30-23.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-35-60.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-39-05.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-43-35.png

    Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-48-46.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-52-80.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-21-56-16.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-22-00-42.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-22-05-89.png Entropia 2019-04-10 07-22-10-97.png
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