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Zarnia Foxtrot

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First thing.. having the Yamato available for for travel is awesome and very much appreciated. So, thanks for all those you do the work and travel route each Friday and Sunday.

I just wanted to post an idea which may be considered helpful. The route as it is now, including Cyrene, seems to be a little harder to do in with the order as it is now. I've never piloted the Yamato but Shade or Lami would know if this idea below would make things simplier to do or not..

So, would the order of the stops be easier if it was Monria. Cyrene, Arkadia, Calypso, Rocktopia and back to Monria or Monria, Rocktopia, Calypso, Arkadia, Cyrene and back to Monria. It may not make any difference with warp travel (which I never did personally) but just thought I would put out the idea.

What are your thoughts?


Lamilla Lami Masterson

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Nope, warps aren't any more difficult going a long way or a short way. There's no difference in cost. The only difference I see is perhaps a few more seconds in warp when you travel all the way across the map, but it's really not enough to make a difference. The reason we added Cyrene at the end of the schedule is because folks are accustomed to having the Yamato stop at certain planets at certain times. It just makes it easier for people to adjust if we put Cyrene at the end of the schedule.


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Thanks for your suggestions Zarnia, all suggestions are welcome and appreciated. On this one I would have to support what Lami said because our experience the past two years has taught us that minimizing changes works the best. With regard to the travel route, Lami is right, people have become accustomed to our travel schedule and the timing.

Perfect example would be this past weekend when we did our field trip to Cyrene. It was the first weekend that we added Cyrene permanently to the travel schedule, and while we placed the location of that stop at the end of the travel schedule, we made a change just for Sunday's travel route because we had the Yamato parked at Cyrene.

We went from Cyrene to Monria first to give people an option to get to the Moon, but we also wanted to pick up travelers from the Moon who wanted to get to other planets as well. So we worked out the best route in order to give everyone a chance to get to where they wanted to go. The route was Cyrene > Monria > Arkadia > Calypso > Rocktropia > Monria.

We made the route change known several times in advance, but we still ended up with a few challenges because everyone isn't in the game at the same time, nor do some visit the forum as frequently as others. We also announced the change at the beginning and during the travel schedule, but some don't log in until they know we are due to stop at their location.

As Lami says, there's not much deviation in time with regard to how we do the travel route, but the key thing is that we be as consistent as possible so that we don't end up with a lot of frustrated people because we're making changes. Our route has become second nature to people and they know when to log in, but it doesn't mean we can't look into this further.

TKoE manages our space travel program and has done an exceptional job the past two years, and they have the experience with transporting people from place-to-place with their pilots on the front line. I only manage the guest list and do the summoning with the staff avatar, so their pilots know best how things work.

We can continue to have discussion about this in the space travel private forum to see if we might be able to come up with something different that wouldn't be too disruptive, but for now, I think they will leave the route as as.

Everyone else is invited to give their suggestions as well, but it's difficult to please all travelers, and we also have to keep in mind the cost of the warp drives and other upgrades. While Monria Staff supports these efforts, Ant funds the program.
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